The world needs women who speak up, who believe they are worthy, are empowered and in community with other women. 

From learning how to be in community with other women, to Awakened Leadership, to having healthier relationships, to learning to love ourselves unconditionally, our mission and values are simple and potent: 
* Embodying values of Self-Worth, Expression, Power, Sovereignty and Equality
* Create space for Deep, Inspiring & Powerful Conversations that can change the world (and ourselves)
* Be a hub for Collective Wisdom, Learning & Education
* Encourage the Celebration of Creative Expression, Art & Personal Style
* Living Your Soul's Purpose in Support of the Planet's Evolution

In 2015, Awakened Woman first launched as an event in Bali to bring women together in healing the wounds of sisterhood, in embodying the Divine Feminine across borders, boundaries, hurts, and ancestry, to come together in renvisioning a world where all people matter - regardless of their background, gender orientation, economic status or ethnicity. In less than two years, it became a global movement of men and women who wanted to co-create within a community devoted to being better humans.

Fast forward to 2017, and during this time, we've celebrated our second Awakened Woman and thus The Community was born, a private membership and community where members can contribute their voices to our online blog, gain education in creating their spiritually attuned business, gain exposure for their work, and develop quality relationships with other awakened leaders. 

Coming soon is a magazine that will be nourished with thousands of visitor every month with our Community Member's published articles, exclusive interviews, and cover features, PLUS we're launching our private 'Initiation School' to more deeply serve a community of Awakened Women Leaders!

The Ancient Futures Mystery School is a 12-month journey, where Initiates gain mastery in:

* Collective Manifestation & Prayer
* Psychic Development; Telepathy, Remote Viewing, and Channelling
* Ancestral healing, wisdom & shamanic practices
* Energy clearing practices 

* Supporting the Ascension Process through Monthly Missions
* Sacred Sexuality & Healing for Divine Communion Work
* PLUS Initiates receive One-on-One Support in their journey 

Submit an application of Interest Here to receive more info. 

We shall celebrate and support each other and the caliber of soul centered beings needed to walk side by side with we bring you the Ancient Futures Mystery School beginning in January 2018.

Does immersing yourself in the sacred #cosmic community of healers, seers and shape shifters speak to every fiber of your being?

Do you long for the guidance of wayseers, facilitators and evolutionary beings who will hold you in your #eternal divine cosmic #power and truth so that you can bring forth your souls' infinite #possibilities?

Would you like to be part of the collective visioning for our planets healing and sustained health?

If your soul is vibrating with the call to transform, evolve, love more deeply, see more clearly, bring more peace, honor both the sacred masculine and feminine parts of our essence apply now for this nine month deep remembering experience here >>