AWC 2017 Reflections pt. 1

What happened this year at the Awakened Woman Convergence was nothing short of miraculous. AWC 2017 was a testament to the fact that miracles do happen, and we are the miracle.

There are no accurate words to describe the feelings being felt even now as I write this reflection piece on what happened. Only deep reverence for the Great Spirit that moves and breathes all of us into greater communion with love and one another.

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For our Daughters

“There are those who seek truth and those who choose to embody truth - indeed each are noble courses of action.” Ariadne spoke these words with conviction as her fingers, callused from a lifetime of dedication to the earth, combed her grand-daughter’s hair. The full moon rose high above the snow-peaked mountain, round as the child-filled womb beneath the young woman’s nightgown.

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