Tell a Different Story

Written by Alejandra Elisa

Tell a different story.

When talking about your life, why should you tell a different story from the one you know is true?

Because you are the one who decides if that story is still present in your life or not.

 Awakened Woman Bali 2016

Awakened Woman Bali 2016

We are convinced that we are represented by the result of all the experiences we have being gathering from the beginning of our lives. In certain ways we think that our story describes who we are as a person and, consequently, determines what kind of person we are going to be in the future. Maybe we believe in the power of change, and maybe we’ve already made some significant changes in our life, but, deep in our hearts, we tend to believe that our story is who we are.

This idea leads us to think that what happened to us in the past cannot be changed, it’s our story, our foundation, our ground and, since has already happened, it’s impossible for us to change it.
Unfortunately, thinking this way limits our creative power and forces us to continue to follow the path we have been into since our birth, when we didn’t know that we are vibrational beings that can create a completely new life every day.

No matter what happened to you, no matter where you come from, who your family members are, which school you went to: you are always, always in control of your life.

When I started to write the book "Her Confidence", I wanted to share some significant stories of my past, which had a huge impact on how I grew up and what beliefs I created in my mind. Since I had overcome all those dark moments and had learnt precious lessons from every one of them, I wanted to share what I’d learnt with my readers. I went through my old diaries and read all those words of pain, uncertainty, trouble, doubt and loneliness and could help to feel again all those emotions in my heart. It was a risky process, because I knew that I was including those old problems in my vibration and bringing them again into my current life.

I had to change my perspective in order to avoid that, and it turned to be a great exercise to leave the past behind, which is where it belongs.

Now I want to share this process with you, I’m sure it will be useful for you to start telling a different story about who you are and who you want to be.

When I had to write about those sad moments of my past, I looked at every single story as if it was a movie scene, trying to describe all the details, the feelings, the thoughts and the memories as if the main character of those events was another girl that I knew very well, not me. Doing so I could share my experiences and the value they have now without letting those negative vibrations affect my present.

Imagination is the key is this process, because you have to be steady and stick to the rule of the game: pretend it wasn’t you.

It’s not so difficult because, in any case, you’re not that person anymore.

Some people could object that this is a way to escape from reality, but to these people I reply that is a fact that we can create our reality every time we want, and that something is real for us just because we decided that it is. There’s no exception, all that takes part in our life has been attracted into it by a vibrational match with who we were in that moment, and it’s up to us to keep it into our life or not.

Recently, though, I had to go deeper into this process of shifting our belief system by changing the way we thing about our story.

I had just moved to Bali all the way from Italy and I was noticing that, even if I’d managed to change my life in such a radical way, some patterns in my behavior where still the same. Different faces, different places, but the old stories where the same.

It was then when I remembered the exercise I had made when I was writing the book, and decided to do it again.

I knew that the issues shared in "Her Confidence" were mostly solved, so I had to dig deeper.
I looked into myself as sincerely and compassionately as I could and figured out the underlying beliefs that I was still carrying with me: they had to do with femininity, authenticity and ego.
Instead of blaming myself for still having these mental patterns, I said to myself: “Tell a different story”, and this time I played boldly with my imagination, pushing my new stories the furthest I could, privately reinventing my past, my present and my future. I’ve started to act according to these new beliefs, and the results have been surprising so far.

So, every time you catch yourself playing that old movie again and again, tell a different story, imagine a new scenario, reinvent the plot of your past and act as if that was the truth. At the end of the game, what is true for you is the only thing that matters. The rest is noise.

Written by Alejandra Elisa

Alejandra is an Image Consultant specialized in Style, Wellbeing and Confidence. She helps women to express their true self using their wardrobe as a tool for achieving self-awareness, self-confidence and self-affirmation. She believes women should be able to choose their thoughts in the same way they choose their clothes but know that these two things can be very tricky for many of them. That's why she created Inside Out Makeover, an Image Consulting and Life Coaching service for women who want to feel good about how they look and who they are.

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