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Awakened Woman is a powerful convergence of both women and men to honour the sacred feminine within all of us. It is vital to reconnect with ourselves in this way for the healing of ourselves, our relationships and our planet. Phoenix is a visionary who speaks her truth and creates from that place of love and honestly. She is dedicated to transforming the planet. She walks her talk and engages in a way that makes others open to deeper place within themselves. - Tanya Johnson

  PHOENIX MURANETZ    Founder, Awakened Woman


Founder, Awakened Woman


Over the past five years in working with clients, women, and in building my own multiple six-figure businesses, I've seen an incredible need for transformational leaders to have the support they need in scaling their soulful business and a place to share their media, content, work and message.

As an entrepreneur, investing in my growth through masterminds, mentors and programs has been instrumental in my trajectory.

As we enter the era of AI, crypto-currency, and a new Golden Age, it's so ever important that we have the tools and abilities to navigate extreme and intense times (hello superhero abilities!), a supportive community to co-create with, and the building and spreading of healing modalities that will help us usher in a Golden Age.

With my personal background and experience in Art & Design, business, futurism, online entrepreneurship, and decades of training in spiritual growth, energy work, and psychic development (since 13 ya'll!) along with my team's resources and experience in content media, course design, writing and mindset, you will be fully supported to scale your  business, message and voice into new levels of impact & income. 

You'll get to learn from all of my successes (& mistakes), so you can move forward in growing your new paradigm business, so that our world can level up in love and so that you are nourished; in mind, body, spirit and bank account!

As the torch is being passed from our elders and beloved mentors onto us, your presence reading this is a sign that you, my love, are ready to become the One you've been waiting for. I'm so honoured to support you in your journey, and we welcome all those who identify as men, women, non-binary, non-able bodied, LGBTQ and minorities. We actively seek to make this as diverse as possible, and actively welcome all!

In love & devotion, 




Beginning January 31st,  This is an opportunity to grow your vision using Awakened Woman as a platform to create a soulful and sustainable livelihood, and fully live your path and your vision! Over 12-months, you will work hands on with Phoenix and the Awakened Woman team to Rise into your Power, build your soulful and sustainable business, get support with your vision, mission and message, and be promoted through this evolving platform. Welcome to the Evolution of a Thriving Community Company!

COURSE CREATION: Create Passive Income through your Online Courses/Trainings/Journeys/Experiences as a Featured Course hosted on our AW platform. As a course creator featured on our platform, you'll receive 100% of the profits made (during your Brand Partner Agreement) from traffic derived through AWC. 

MOVEMENT/COMMUNITY BUILDING: Grow your own Community online and in person. We'll cover how to grow your tribe and cultivate a community of changemakers. 

•GROUP SUPPORT: Our bi-monthly calls and course modules will cover your 2018 Soulful Growth Map, Course Creation, Transformational Storytelling (vs. Marketing), Publishing/Speaking and Exposure Opportunities, Divine Prosperity and more. 

EXPOSURE: With Free Magazine & Website Advertising, we'll help you receive valuable exposure to get your presence and message noticed with exposure in our Quarterly Edition of Awakened Woman (2 Features & Two articles) Per Year, along with unlimited access to contribute work to the Awakened Woman website.

Get Experienced Hands on Support from our team with Course Creation, Branding, FAQs, event creation, and more. Each other month, we'll bring in a special guest to share insights on list-building, marketing, branding, speaking, publishing and more. 

This beautiful container is only being curated for 12 amazing BEINGS! 






You're going to have on-going support from our team of support coaches and myself through one-on-one coaching, workshops, community calls so you're held and supported with multiple layers of help.

START THE YEAR OFF RIGHT: One 90 min VIP Spiritual + Business Alignment Strategy Session with Phoenix Muranetz. Clarify your 2018 Offerings, Growth & Soulful business Map. 

12 month Support: Bi-monthly Community Calls with special masterclasses, faq time, and hot seat coaching. 

• 6x 60 min One-on-One Sessions with Phoenix: Stay on track and aligned through mindset and sexuality coaching in opening you up to your message, receiving and relaxing into your Greatness. 

Private Facebook Group for support from our team and the community. We'll have weekly office hours to respond to your urgent questions, asks, and help you stay accountable with weekly reminders and updates. 




Discover how to fully drop into the vision of what you're offerings really and go beyond creating traditional online courses.  You'll be supported to create transformational experiences that will be so fucking fun to create, deliver and offer. We'll work through the core concepts of virality, journeys vs. courses, evergreen passive income and more.



Daily support, feedback and love within our Private Online Community. We also have weekly office hours, where you can get in the moment support, feedback and advise on your business, life & relationships. 



Ancient Futures Mystery School. Apply & be Registered by Dec 15th to get free access to this 9 Month Experience. This journey is designed to support us all in awakening to your Psychic Extra Sensory & Spiritual Powers (telepathy, remote viewing, channeling), Sexual Awakening (Tantric practices, sexual arts), and more.

Make better business decisions, create better flow in your life, and deepen intimacy in your life & relationships with this extraordinary Mystery School.



Monthly accountability and Masterclasses in sacred business, building a sustaining coaching/healing practice, divine prosperity mindset, growing your community/building your list, course/journey creation, public speaking, publicity/promotions, book publishing and personal support in achieving your yearly goals and desires. 



Contribute to Awakened Woman as on Online Blog Contributor as well as featured in our Quarterly Magazine. You and your courses will also be featured on our preferred program resource section, where you keep 100% of your profits and traffic. 



Join us LIVE in Oct 2018 for Awakened Woman Convergence. This is your opportunity to connect with your family, get in person support, attend workshops, build your individual and collective dreams, and build a future vision of community game-changers. You'll receive a special discount to attend AWC 2018 as well as an opportunity to share your message and work.




"I think we are at a time in our evolution where our souls are craving more truth, healing and hope. Events such as the Awakened Women Convergence are not only important for empowering our female leaders, but also for creating uplifting and joyous experiences." - S. Dow, Coach, Shamanist, Author of “Thriving in Chaos"


"The Divine allowed my path to cross with the path of the Awakened Woman Convergence. This movement and convergence are important locally, nationally and globally because of the connection piece. And I would say the beauty of this safe space is that the Awakened Woman Convergence helps one get ready for growth. It plants the seed. It is with gratitude I speak of Awakened Woman Convergence and how it is has changed my life in such a short time.  - C

In my experience, Phoenix Muranetz and Awakened Woman Convergence is a self powered, independently driven force for connection, ascension, actualization, depth, and a deep foundational success; for us all. I believe the movement is centered around a deeply believed in and fueled philosophy of unification, empowerment and unconditional love, applied to all of us at a time in history where the sometimes untapped resource of the power of the feminine is perched on the verge of transformation for our society as a whole. - L.P

"Imagine going through your own unique and sometimes painful transformation, and feeling that you have nobody to turn to for support. Since discovering the Awakened Woman Convergence and becoming a member of the sisterhood, I have received not only loving space to show up as myself, but support and amazing friendships that will last into the distant future. Through this fully embodied feminine leadership group, I am finally finding my own unique voice and offering in the world. I am encouraged to walk my own path, and create my own unique life. - A. McQueen


We are in an era where a new level of pioneering is taking place on a professional and global scale for Women. I used to feel isolated in my dynamic path, feeling the weight of carrying my grand goals alone, but Awakened Woman’s Convergence created a watering hole to drink with others thirsty for a similar dream. A dream that allows us to be honored, appreciated, validated and accepted for the gifts and goals we have.

AWC is a crucial platform that brings together leading examples of how to merge one’s passion and innate talent to create healthier social, environmental and economical structures in our lives and world.  A world-wide community is building with momentum here because AWC is responding to Female Leaders’ needs for greater opportunities to be witnessed and supported at various stages of their offerings and careers. - S. Burns

The Awakened Woman movement is vital to the spiritual evolution of everyone on this planet, but especially to women. We have been repressed by patriarchal wounds for much too long, and now that women are beginning to heal those wounds and awaken, they are hungry for the wisdom that has been hidden in the shadows for so long. We are desperate for leaders like Phoenix to step out, take our hands, and share with us how to take the next steps out into the light. - N. Dawn

We are entering a new era of expanding awareness and Awakened Woman Convergence is like a seed birthing information to fuel this awakening. Uniting forthcoming leaders and visionaries together for the soul purpose being The Awakened Woman convergence- by way of our intrinsic connection, has the power to effect the masses. The Awakened Woman Convergence has changed my life by creating a gateway into possibilities. Awakened Woman Convergence has inspired me to live in congruence with my higher soul. - F. L.




As featured in

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Phoenix Muranetz is a Sensuality Expert, Unification Architect & Metaphysical Guide. A believer in the power of pleasure to shift the world, she helps visionaries and leaders overcome shame around their sensuality to experience transcendent relationships, businesses, and lives they love.

After spending nearly two decade exploring the interconnectedness between sustainability, entrepreneurship, spirituality, art and sexuality, Phoenix shares ancient wisdom and secrets to experiencing more authentic fulfilment in relationships, soul led businesses, and spiritual connection —and it’s nothing to do with strategy, hustle, or struggle. She’s earned the reputation of bringing soulfulness back to business, pleasure and presence back to sex, and purpose back to power.

In leaving the corporate world back in 2013 to immerse herself into the world of online coaching, she’s helped thousands of people reconnect to their primal power through delicious ceremonies, practices and rituals so they can rekindle their love affair with the Universe, themselves and their loved ones.

Also the Founder of the Awakened Woman Convergence, an online community and annual global gathering of soulful visionaries, she helps build communities of people who together support one another in exploring their authentic desire, creative expression and awakened selves.

Phoenix has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including the Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, Financial Post, Go TV, ShawTV, DailyHive and AZFamily TV.

In addition to her extensive experience, Phoenix holds a BA in Environmental Design from the University of British Columbia, a diploma in Visual Arts, certification in Tantra and the title of Mrs. British Columbia 2012 along with her mentorships in leadership & business with Nisha Moodley, Emily Utter, and trainings in online entrepreneurship with Marie Forleo's B-School. 

When she’s not supporting others in embodying pleasure, their bodies and their business, her guilty pleasures include playing in puddles with her toddler, singing, dancing, or travelling the globe.

Ready to build a bigger vision in tribe with a loving community?

Are you ready to transform and change yourself and the world while thriving in a soulful and sacred business? If so, apply below now.



START THE YEAR OFF RIGHT: One 90 min VIP Spiritual + Business Alignment Strategy Session with Phoenix Muranetz. Clarify your 2018 Offerings, Growth & Soulful business Map. 

12 months of Support: Bi-monthly Community Calls with special masterclasses, FAQ time, and hot seat coaching. 

• 6x 60 min One-on-One Sessions with Phoenix: Stay on track and aligned through mindset and sexuality coaching in opening you up to your message, receiving and relaxing into your Greatness. We'll drop into your greater vision and plan a strategic yet pleasure based path to building your successful and soulful business. 

Private Facebook Group for support from our team and the community. We'll have weekly office hours to respond to your urgent questions, asks, and help you stay accountable with weekly reminders and updates. 
• A monthly Masterclass Workshop including Distilling Your Sacred Message, Soulful Business Growth, Prosperity Practices, Getting your Book Published, Tantra, Divine Leadership, The Art of Storytelling & Marketing, Online Course Creation and more. Course Content includes access to all recorded calls, along with Monthly PDF Course Info. 

• Private Online Facebook Group to receive Daily Support, insight, and community. With weekly office hours, you can receive in the moment feedback on your business/life challenges, as well as community support. 

• Sister Support: You'll be paired with a few members of the group to stay accountable, receive an additional layer of support and keeping your motivation strong. 

Exposure: Get Featured in our AW Mag (twice as a Feature and 2 articles), along with free mag advertising, website advertising on AW, and get featured monthly as a Contributing Writer for the Awakened Woman Website. Writers can submit up to two written articles per month and promote their work, coaching, products, and message. Written submissions must follow community guidelines. 

Revenue: Have your Online Course featured on Awakened Woman's preferred Courses Section and receive 100% of the profits made from all traffic. 

• A Discounted Ticket to Awakened Woman 2018.


Investment Details are shared on the online application. While this opportunity may or may not be ready for you right now, I hope you find much needed clarity in your goals, desires and purpose in answering the questions. 



Is there a refund if I decide to cancel?: As with anything worth doing in life, we go all in through this work, and ask that you do the same. Decide to go all in and show up for yourself, your dreams, and your people. 

I'm just starting out as an entrepreneur and building my business. Is this opportunity right for me? This is the perfect opportunity whether you are just getting started or have built an already thriving business to take it to the next level.

I'm a working mother/father with not a lot of time. How much time will I need to devote to this? The success you will experience in this journey will largely depend on the amount of intention and focus you bring to it. You can expect to be devoting 5-10 hours per week to this experience which means working on your business! The rewards are sooooo worth it. 

Where will Awakened Woman 2018 be taking place? Last year's AWC 2017 was held in Arizona, and 2018's location will be determined and announced in January 2018.